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Some may know me as Staff Editor at the webzine Mad in America ("science, psychiatry, and social justice"). But I'm also a freelance journalist and book editor who offers a nose for news, an ear for language, and an eye for detail gleaned from 30 years of eclectic publishing experience.  My business provides writing and editing services to news media, publishers, and individuals. Together, we produce projects with purpose, power, and personality.

I recently relocated to rural New Hampshire, about two hours from Boston.  Have ticket, will travel.


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Miranda C. Spencer, writer & editor

Miranda C. Spencer, writer & editor



Latest Work

"The Carter Center's Guide for Mental Health Journalism: Don't Question,  Follow the Script"

Mad in America, February 23, 2020.

In my latest "Media Watch" report, I break down why the Carter Center’s Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health is a manual for docile journalism:  "There is no encouragement to be skeptical of the powerful in psychiatry. Rather, the guide provides reporters with a template to follow that reifies conventional wisdom, offering a message similar to what the American Psychiatric Association has sounded for years."


Book Editing


Latest Works

Animalkind: Remarkable Discoveries About Animals and Revolutionary Ways to Show Them Compassion

By Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Stone

(Simon and Schuster, 2020)

In the last few decades, a wealth of new information has emerged about who animals are—intelligent, aware, and empathetic.   Studies show that animals are astounding beings with intelligence, emotions, intricate communications networks, and myriad abilities.  The authors present these findings in a concise and awe-inspiring way, detailing a range of surprising discoveries. They  pair their tour of the astounding lives of animals with a guide to the exciting new tools that allow humans to avoid using or abusing animals as we once did. Whether it’s medicine, product testing, entertainment, clothing, or food, there are now better options to all the uses animals once served in human life.  

I provided substantial research and writing on the "Scientific Research" chapter on the history of medical research using animals and viable alternatives— including organoids, big data, and in-vitro techniques, among others.

Eat for the Planet Cookbook: The Recipes from Leaders of the Plant-Based Movement that Will Help Save the World

By Nil Zacharias and Gene Stone

(Abrams, 2020)

A delicious, informative guide to eating vegan—featuring 75 recipes from some of the world’s greatest plant-based chefs, businesses, and influencers. 

I researched and wrote the blurbs about how various plant foods—from potatoes to figs— support a healthy environment.



"Miranda can always be counted on for insightful, accurate and challenging copy --meaning she's an editor's dream. Miranda is a sharp analyst and a seasoned journalist with a unique voice."

Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director & Founder, Women In Media & News (WIMN) 


“I have hired Miranda countless times to edit books as well as magazine articles and other works–-she is the best freelance editor I know of, and I hope to work with her again–often.”

Gene Stone, author of 40 books

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