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A  rotating selection of more recent pieces and old favorites from the  ‘00s, ‘90s, and ‘80s. Links with a * originally appeared in print.​   

Miranda C. Spencer - Edible Landscapes


"Edible Landscapes"*

 (American Forests, Winter/11) 

Selected for “Best of American Forests” collection

Miranda C. Spencer - Power to the People


"Power to the People" 

(The Daily Climate, 12/10)

Book Editing

Miranda C. Spencer - Trump Survival Guide

Prominent Authors

 The Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Live Through What You Hoped Would Never Happen by Gene Stone (HarperCollins, 2017). 

A Los Angeles Times best seller!  My role: researching and writing the chapter on women's rights, recruiting co-writers and fact checkers,  line editing and copy editing the entire manuscript. 

Miranda c. Spencer - How Not To Die

 How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease  by Michael Greger, M.D. with Gene Stone (Flatiron Books, 2015). 

In this New York Times bestseller, a doctor explains how changing our diet can change our health. My role: copy editing. 

Miranda C. Spencer - Finding the Next Steve Jobs

Finding the Next Steve Jobs  by Nolan Bushnell (NetMinds, 2013). 

The founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese offers unexpected ways to find outstanding employees. My role: line editing.

Miranda C. Spencer - The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick  by Gene Stone (Workman, 2010).

A practical compendium of the science  behind unusual health practices and folk remedies. My role: researching, interviewing, drafting a chapter, line editing, fact checking.

Miranda C. Spencer - On Becoming Fearless

On Becoming Fearless…In Love, Work, and Life by Arianna Huffington (Little, Brown, 2006).  

The politico and media maven shares how women can overcome self-doubt in all areas of life.  My role: researching, developmental editing, chapter drafting, fact checking, proofreading.

Miranda C. Spencer - The Crossings

Emerging Writers

The Crossings  by J.E. Kross & D.J. Milne (Rowe Publishing, 2018). 

A supernatural murder mystery set on the railroad. My role: developmental and line editing on early drafts.

Miranda C. Spencer - Dearest Ones at Home

Dearest Ones at Home: Clara Taylor’s Letters from Russia, 1917-1919  by Katrina Maloney & Patricia M. Maloney (SheWrites Press, 2014). 

A personal tale of the Russian Revolution, as seen through the eyes of a YWCA organizer working in country. My role: coaching, developmental editing.

Miranda C. Spencer - Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away

Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away  by Stanley Glenn (iUniverse, 2006). 

A professional sports memoir set in a segregated era, told by one of the last living players from the "Negro Leagues." My role: developmental editing, interviewing, ghostwriting.



Conserving Nature in a Changing Climate: A Three-Part Guide for Land Trusts in the Northeast  by Open Space Institute and North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (Fall 2016). 

I co-authored and edited this 114-page, peer-reviewed, illustrated handbook during my tenure as a full-time employee with OSI.  It explains how to use climate resilience science to protect land and wildlife.


Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices  by Donna Dean and Janet Koster (Elsevier, 2014). 

This book, assembled by leaders from the Association for Women in Science, offers research-based insights on work-life satisfaction. My role: developmental editing and line editing.​


Agriculture and the Law: A Guide to Pennsylvania's Agricultural Laws and Regulations for Farmers and Their Neighbors  by PennFuture (December 2011). The 50-page guide focuses on problems and solutions around "factory farming." My role: line editing and copy editing, coordinating design and production.​



EGA Journal

"Minding the Gap" (Fall 2009)

I top-edited the Environmental Grantmakers Association's 40-page, semi-annual member magazine from fall 2006 to fall 2009. My role: planning contents, assigning and editing stories, writing news items, coordinating design and production, and proofreading. 


"Funders Challenge Climate Change" (Spring 2008)

In addition to all editorial and management tasks performed above, I also wrote the issue's cover story.

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